About NanoTechEnergies (Pre Notary phase)

What do we do?

Our mission is to develop and manufacture Smart Photovoltaic Modules for the Global and Local market.

What are Smart Photovoltaic Modules?

Our modules are called smart because, thanks to an exclusive patent licence, they ensure enhancing the power conversion capability of the traditional Silicon Photovoltaic cells up to +25% of energy.

How do we do that?

Thanks to Patented HybridNanomaterials, our Smart Photovoltaic Modules enable the existing PV technology to become more competitive in the field of Renewable Energies: PV modules with higher performances means greater Green Power production.

How does HybridNanomaterials work?

HybridNanomaterials, directly introduced during the production phase near at the heart of the Silicon cell, enable the PV system to exploit the UV zone of Solar spectrum, converting it to a Laser like RED single wavelength, a result so far never reached.

Our HybridNanomaterials absorb into the UV and emit into the Visible, at the same time remaining transparent into the visible zone. Thereby they have the ability to transmit more utilizable photons, into the active part of the Solar module (Silicon cell).
This process guarantee lesser loses and +25% of power production enhancements.